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The News of Abohar Halwai

The famous saying, there’s many a slip twixt cup and lip, seems to have been proven again with the instance of sweet seller from Abohar. Located in the state of Punjab, Abohar also receives its share of lottery tickets for the participants of state government’s Baisakhi Bumber Lottery residing in this city. Fortunately or may be unfortunately, Subash Chander Sharma had also purchased one ticket with the golden numbers on it.

Lottery at Abohar

What followed this was simply unthinkable and may be an example for future lottery ticket customers residing in India. Subash won the first prize that endowed him with the fantastic yet unbelievable joy of getting Rs. 1 Crore overnight. His meager salary of Rs. 7000/- a month might have seemed so far on receiving the news. But as the saying goes, the twixt was rendered by the Income tax department when they demanded his PAN card in lieu of the winning prize.

Indian government levies tax on prize money or donations that exceed the specified amount on tax slabs according to Section 194B of Indian income tax laws. The winner must pay a specified percentage from the prize money. Hence, the actual amount that is received by a winner is lesser than the prize money announced.

Earlier, and to most people’s dismay, the tax was deducted from the source itself but has been restricted in present. In other words, the deduction was done by the organizing committee from their tax accounts. However, after certain controversial cases that lead to judicial supervision, the TDS was required to be filed by the winner. It is mandatory to possess a PAN card in order to file TDS for the winning amount and actually receive the money.

Subash Chander Sharma never filed TDS owing to the insufficient income that he received by running sweet stall. When interviewed, Subash has confirmed that he never felt the need to possess a PAN card. He used to buy seven lottery tickets every month with the little amount he could save from the earnings. This time his ticket was bought by a friend who kept one ticket to himself and gave the lucky one to Subash. The ladle almost fell down from his hands when he received the news.

Sweet Seller at Abohar

Subash fantasized the idea of travelling abroad and learning new dishes from the continental cuisine. He also wanted to render a better future to his children who are school students.

But as luck would have it, Subash could not lay hands on his treasure until and unless the PAN card is issued to him. The Punjab lottery department however had provided him with a two month’s period to make a PAN card and claim the money.

The story, when published, received a lot of criticism from various kinds of audience. While some claimed that Subash should not have dreamt high before actually receiving the wealth, the others criticized the Income tax department for delaying the issue of PAN to a man in great need.

With such big news Abohar almost came to the front pages of the daily newspapers. Though the story is crisp and luscious, yet it confirms the fact that India still has a lot of citizens who do not make PAN cards owing to their inadequate salary. They prefer to buy lottery tickets with the savings in the hope to construct a better future with the winning amount one day. It is unfortunate that such real life stories exist in this country and though Subash has come to limelight there are hundreds who still do not possess this essential document. It is truly very easy to get intimidated by the allures of fortune but keeping the right commodities to acquire that destiny still beckons in the hands of an individual.

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