Emergency Services in Abohar

Abohar Emergency Services

Life, we all know is uncertain. Disasters and tragedies can happen at any time. At such times, it becomes important to take the help of certain services. It is essential for every city to be well equipped with certain emergency facilities to take care of the residents should there be any such cases. Listed below are some of the major emergency services in Abohar. Let us know them in detail.

Various Emergency Services in Abohar

Some of the emergency services in Abohar are:

Police Stations in Abohar

The city of Abohar in Punjab has a police station, which is responsible for maintaining the law and order in the city. It is headed by the Superintendent of Police. In case of an emergency, the police force is ready to handle the situation. The traffic in the city is also managed by the local police. They can be contacted for any kind of assistance while traveling in the city. The contact number of Abohar police station is 01634-220533. There is also the Sadar Thana and SP office responsible for maintaining law and order in the city.

Fire Stations in Abohar

Abohar fire station

Fire can cause extensive damage to life and property. The fire department professionals are suitably trained to handle fire breakouts. While Abohar does not have a fire station of its own, there are some fire stations nearby which can be contacted for help. Some fire stations around Abohar are:
  • Fire Station, Court Rd, Railway Colony, Fazilka
  • Generic BusinessFire station, Nagar Palika Rd, Hanumangarh Town
  • Generic BusinessFire Station, Payal Cinema Main Rd, P Block, Sri Ganganagar

Blood Banks in Abohar

Everyone knows the importance of blood banks in saving a human life. Accidents and other calamities can cause a person to die due to excessive blood loss. This is where blood banks can be immensely useful. Also there are certain disorders such as Thalassemia that require regular transfusion of blood, which can be obtained only from the blood banks. The blood banks stock all groups of blood. Civil hospital blood bank in Abohar provides blood to all those who need it in the city.

Ambulance in Abohar

Emergency situations demand that patients be taken to the hospital as soon as possible. At such times, ambulance services are important. Even a moment's delay can be fatal for the patient. Most hospitals in Abohar are equipped with ambulance services that help bring patients to the hospitals.

Chemists in Abohar

Pharmacies and chemist shops that offer drugs to treat a host of conditions are an important part of every city. These shops stock different kinds of drugs that are given to the patients as per the prescription of the doctors. There are several chemist shops in Abohar. Some of these shops are open round the clock to help people avail medicines at all times.

Animal Care in Abohar

Animal care is an important aspect of society. Veterinary clinics are well equipped to treat pets in the event of any illness or accident. You can contact the following clinic to treat your pet.

Dog and Veterinary Clinic
Address: Near Dsp House, Abohar
Phone; +(91)-1634-220166, +(91)-9356711539

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