Food in Abohar

Food in Abohar

Abohar is not a tourist spot but due to the presence of several historical and religious sites, people flock in to the city to visit them. The numerous restaurants in the city cater to both locals and visitors alike. There are different kinds of eateries in Abohar that serve a wide range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes to the people.

The best restaurants in the city serve delectable regional, national and international cuisines at affordable rates. As Abohar is located close to the states of Rajasthan, Punjab and Haryana, people of the city enjoy the cuisines of all the three regions. Some of the major dishes enjoyed by the people here include Chole Bhature, Parantha, Kulchas, Sarson da Saag, Baigan Bharta, Dal Makhani, Lassi etc.

Food Options in Abohar

Several restaurants dot the city of Abohar. They offer a wide range of cuisines to the people such as North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, Continental, Mughlai etc. There are also coffee shops and snacks corners that offer a variety of snacks and other food items. Most of them are open from 11 am to 10 pm. Here is a list of the restaurants in the city with their address and contact numbers.

Janta Sweet House
Address: 9, Circular Rd,
Abohar - 152116
Phone: +(91)-9988399000, +(91)-1634-220082

Chawla Chicken
Address: Under Fly Over,
Hanuman Garh Rd, Abohar - 152116
Phone: +(91)-8968611688, 8968711688

Lotus Restaurant
Address: Malot Road,
N H 10,
Abohar - 152116
Phone: +(91)-9815359291

Sam Uncle
Address: Street No. 6,
ClockTower Ghanta Ghar
Phone: 086 99 708878
Abohar - 152116

Kanshi Cycle Waale Chole Bathure
Address: Street No. 4,
Krishna Nagri
Abohar - 152116

Address: ClockTower Ghanta Ghar,
Abohar - 152116

Heavens View
Address: Old Suraj Nagari,
Abohar - 152116
Phone: 0163 422 0120

Topi Wale Di Hatti
Address: Krishna Nagri,
Abohar - 152116
Phone: 9988009300

Fozi Bhutara wala
Address: Krishna Nagri,
Abohar - 152116

Varun Makkar
Address: Nagpal Petrol Pump,
Krishna Nagri
Abohar - 152116

Kataria Sweet House
Address: 10Circular Rd,
Clocktower Ghanta Ghar
Phone: 01634 225376

Sethi Milk Badam Center
Address: Street Number 9,
Krishna Nagri
Abohar - 152116

Just as in any other place, restaurants are an important source of entertainment for the people of the city. Most restaurants have a cozy and comfortable ambience thereby enabling customers to have a nice time while they are there. Dining out is a favorite option with most people staying there.

People gather at the various eating joints with their family and friends to have a gala time with them. Most evenings, people crowd these places with their near and dear ones and have hearty meals. Also, many people sometimes celebrate the important occasions in their lives such as birthdays or anniversaries or corporate events at these restaurants. The restaurants are equipped to cater to any kind of event and can offer customized cuisines as per the request of the customers.

Apart from those mentioned above, there are several other restaurants in the city such as Jyani Sweet, Sham Sweet House, Nand Da Dhaba, Sweet-N-Spicy etc. You can enjoy delicious meals at these restaurants at affordable rates. During festivals and other events, many of these restaurants offer exciting offers and deals to their customers.

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