Health Care in Abohar

Quality healthcare is an absolute imperative in any region. In fact, it is the primary duty of the administration to work towards the improvement of the health standards of the population of an area. It is only when the people of a region are healthy, the place can be said to have developed in the true sense of the term. With the increase in commercialization, diseases have also increased. Improper eating habits and sedentary lifestyles have contributed to the rise of several lifestyle diseases such as blood pressure, cancer etc. It is said that if people do not take care of themselves, diseases would only increase in the society. This is where it is important to have a proper healthcare system in place.

Hospitals in Abohar

Healthcare Facilities in Abohar

A good network of hospitals, clinics and nursing homes are essential in every city to help the residents of the same to avail excellent healthcare facilities when required. They can help a person to recover from his or her illnesses and get back to normal living as fast as possible. The right medical care at the right time can save a person’s life. Abohar has good health facilities run by qualified personnel who have the expertise and experience to administer proper care to the patients.


Hospitals form the backbone of the healthcare system in any city. The city is home to several small and big hospitals that offer specialized services to treat patients. All the hospitals have state-of-art facilities and qualified doctors and nurses. List of some is given below:

Sardar Patel Medical Institute of Nursing and Hospital
Address:Old Fazilka Road
Opp Military Station
Abohar (District Ferozepur)
Punjab, India

Healthcare in Abohar

Dr Mohinders Ortho Gen hospital
Address:Malout Road
Abohar, Punjab
Phone No: (1634) 224564

Sai Hospital Leproscopic Surgery Centre
Address:College Road
Abohar, Punjab
Phone No: (1634) 221714

Nursing Homes

Abohar has a few private nursing homes, which are well equipped and are run by efficient people. These facilities take very good care of the patients and offer several services. The nursing homes have several departments to take care of the different kinds of illnesses. List of Nursing Homes in Abohar is as follows:

Talwar Nursing Home Laproscopic Surgery Centre
Lajpat Nagar
Phone No: (01634) 220077

Nagpal Nursing Home

Address: Jain Nagar
Near Sodhi Electronocs
Phone No: (01634) 220029

Occupational TherapiesAcupressure

Occupational therapies such as acupressure, acupuncture, speech therapy, physiotherapy etc are proving to be very popular all over the world. In Abohar too there are some centers that provide such therapies to patients. There are trained therapists who work with the patients to help deal with any kind of disability or deformity. Several people have benefited from such alternative therapies. The best benefit of such types of treatment is that they do not have any side effects and help to completely eliminate the issue.

Psychiatrist and Psychologists

The modern times have seen a huge increase in the stress levels of the common person. People are increasingly resorting to psychiatrists and psychologists to help them sort their mental problems and help cope with life better. Such professionals are available in Abohar too who offer counseling and other services to the patients either at the hospitals or at their own clinics. Mental issues are nothing to be shy about and proper treatment and care can help a person to recover from the illness.

With so many healthcare facilities at the disposal of the people of Abohar, they should not face any problem in receiving the right treatment when required. There are chemist shops galore that provide the medicines prescribed by the doctors for the recovery of the patient.
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