Lifestyle in Abohar

Abohar Lifestyle

Abohar is a modern city in Punjab, and just like any other city, people here lead modern lifestyles. The Bishnoi community too forms a sizeable chunk of the population. The culture and lifestyle of the people of the city thus reflect the traditions of this community too. With increasing commercialization, the city has seen an intermingling of cultures. People here are increasingly choosing to enhance their lifestyles.

Lifestyle Options in Abohar

Several gyms, beauty parlors and salons have cropped up in the area in the past few decades. They offer a host of services to the residents thereby enabling them to lead a better quality life. The presence of malls and other stores have brought branded clothing and other items within the reach of the people of the city. There are also some gyms, beauty parlors and salons that have opened shop in this place. They make available several facilities to the people that help make them look and feel good.

Gyms in Abohar

These days men are as conscious of their looks as women. Most men strive to get a six-pack ab and a lean figure. The city has some gyms where the local people go to achieve their fitness goals. Some men want to lose all the extra flab while there are others who want to put on some weight to look better. These gyms are equipped with the best equipments and trainers to help their members. No matter what kind of physique you wish to achieve, you can do it at these gyms.

Some well-known gyms in the city are S.T Health & Fitness, Herculean gym, and Rama gym among others. Several figure conscious men of the city are members of these gyms and through hard work and training have been able to achieve the kind of physique they wanted. There are separate provisions for women who want to lose weight and tone up. Separate classes are conducted for women by trained instructors.

Beauty Parlors in Abohar

Abohar Beauty Parlors

Women have a natural inclination to take care of themselves and look good to the world. There are parlors in the city to take care of the beauty requirements of the ladies. For women who want specialized services for their skin and hair, there are several parlors in the city that offer the same. Many services that are offered by the beauty parlors such as hair cutting, hair color, hair massage and skin treatments like facial, massages etc.

Services such as pedicure, manicure, waxing, and bridal makeup among others are also offered. Certified beauticians and stylists work with modern equipments to offer the best services to the customers. Beauty parlors have cropped up in almost every corner of the city and women do not have to search a lot to find one to meet their requirements. Some parlors also offer spa services to their customers. Some well-known beauty parlors in the city are:

Roopshingar Beauty Parlour

Address: Nr Arya Putari Pathshalla,
Abohar - 152116
Phone: +(91)-1634-224837, +(91)-9814957737
Shinghar Beauty Parlour
Address: Chautha Chowk,
Gali No-12,
Abohar - 152116
Chand Beauty Parlour,
Address: Street No-3,
Gobind Nagri,
2nd Chowk,
Abohar - 152116
Phone: +(91)-9023335597, 8427701686
Anupam Beauty Parlour
Address: Gali No- 9,
Chowk No- 6,
Abohar - 152116
Phone: +(91)-9463097722, 9465007514
Muskan Herbal Beauty Point
Address: Last Chowk,
Old Suraj Nagari,
Street No 6,
Abohar - 152116
Phone: +(91)-1634-224554, +(91)-9855692523
Kamini Beauty Parlour,
Address: Nai Abadi Rd,
Rajiv Nagar

Femina Beauty Parlour,
Address: Street No. 14,
Clock Tower Ghanta Ghar

Bansal Laser & Skin Care Centre
Address: Mahavir Colony,
Lajpat Nagar
Phone: 093 56 722441

Several other parlors too are situated in Abohar. In fact, you are sure to find a parlor after every few kilometers. When it comes to parlors, the women of the city have many options to choose from. All these beauty parlors are well geared towards providing only the best services to their clients. With professionals at your service, you are bound to look and feel your best.

A city is incomplete without services that enable a person to be better groomed. These facilities enable people to spruce up their appearance and present their best face to the world.
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